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Zig's 2015 Thanksgiving Wine Picks:

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What to enjoy with turkey? What about the perfect pie pairing? My panel of 16 judges tried hundreds of wines and ciders blindly this year together with local fresh roasted turkey to see what really goes. Here are this years top picks for Thanksgiving. Included are brief descriptions of the wine from some of the judges. *Cheers*


Sonoma Cider, The Hatchet, Apple Cider $9.99 12 oz Four Pack, $5.99 22oz Single; SRP
Lively, Complexly Yummy, Apple-y, Bright, Delicious, Awesome

Sparkling Wine

N.V. Gloria Ferrer, Blanc de Noir, Carneros $22. SRP
Light Pomegranate, Lush Cherries, Strawberry meets Apple, Citrus, Lively, Fantastic, Perfection

White Wine

2014 Niner Wine Estates, Albariño, Edna Valley $20. SRP
Magical Minerality, Young White Peach, Turkey Perfect, Great Texture, Melon, Floral, Mango, Long Finish

Rosé Wine

2014 Broken Earth Winery, Grenaché Rosé, Paso Robles $30 SRP
Hints of Plum, Delicate Berries, Bright Acidity, Crispy Delicious, Beautiful, Balanced, Perfect Pairing

Red Wine

2013 Lone Madrone, La Mezcla Roja $30. SRP
Brambly, Seductive, Spicy, Berry-licious, Velvety Balanced, Rich Plums, Tantalizingly Terrific, Unique

Dessert Wine

2013 Schug, Late Harvest Riesling, Lake Co $30 SRP
Apricot, Peach, Petrol, Seductive, Juicy Acidity, Honeyed Apple, Spicey Pear


2013 Ferrari-Carano, El Dorado Noir, Russian River Valley $30 SRP
Black and Red Raspberries, Spice, Sweet Rose Blossom, Dark Cocoa, Bing Cherries, Scrumptious