Ziggy The Wine Gal

Hangin' with some fabu Musicians, Winemakers,
Chefs, and Friends in Wine Country!

Pinot Noir punchdowns with
Winemaker Michael Browne
2011 Harvest Rum Run at Kosta-Browne Cocktails with Marcia The Table Hopper!
Casa Noble Blue Agave Queen Fun times at Rootstock The Wine Gal w/ famous Wine Guru Rod Berglund
Westside BoyZ + a Wine Gal, 2010 Chef Duskie Estes and the Wine Gal Ziggy and Elvis Costello
With Chef Hubert Keller Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory of Journey In studio at KRSH
Chef Duskie Estes and Ziggy at ZAZU With Chef Christopher Greenwald Morning Host Brian Griffith
At the Lilith Fair with Craig Bartock and
Kristian Attard of HEART
With Peter Stroud and Palmeri Cab
at the Lilith Fair, 2010
Backstage at the Lilith Fair with my gals!
Introducing Amorosa Bella Sparkling Rose
at Pink Out, SF
Pouring at Pink Out, SF Ziggy with Joel Quigley and Charlyn Belluzzo
With Jonathan Cain With John Lasseter With Anthony Bourdain
Bruno Paillard and The Wine Gal With Andy Katz Kate MacMurray and Ziggy
With Lyle Lovett With Dan Akroyd Ziggy & Gene Cuneo
Emceeing a Gourmet Magazine event